Some questions on AEB-L heat treatment

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Re: Some questions on AEB-L heat treatment

Postby Alexandru Bondoc » Wed Oct 11, 2017 1:58 am

hello, maybe some of you remember this (on this very forum):

"Re: BG 42 heat treat in a kiln?

Postby Roman Landes » Fri Feb 26, 2010 12:11 pm
If i need to go stainless i would go for AEB-L, 13c26razor or alike.
Assure protection for balde surface
1st preheat: 500-600°C, equalize
2nd preheat:800-900°C, equalize
Autenize: 1050-1060°C, equalize, soak 12-15min
Quench in Oil preheated 60-80°C
Cryo: immediately after cleaning, minimum -80°C or lower soak 30min
1st Temper: 150°C equalize, soak 2hrs, quench in water
Cryo: immediately after temper, minimum -80°C or lower soak 30min
2nd Temper: 180-200°C equalize, soak 2hrs
should give you 60+ and a fine durable grain.

This is what i would do."

Also same indications, but different austemp and time I was founded on an German forum still from Roman and it was:
Autenize: 1065°C, equalize 3-5min, soak 5-8min
everything else is the same.

About quenching in oil, most people who care about the results use an antiscale liquid compound Condursal 1100Z that assure protection up to 1100°C and the contact of the blade with the oil is optimal.
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Re: Some questions on AEB-L heat treatment

Postby Andre Grobler » Wed Oct 11, 2017 9:48 am

According to verhoeven that recipe without subzero should give 62...
Most of our's not to reason why, but to control heat or die... ;-)
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